Thursday, April 17, 2014

recoveryBox Adding Addiction Problem App Crashing

WHATS THE PROBLEM: adding an Addiction for the first time OR are trying to add a secondary addiction might crash recoveryBox.

WHO DOES IT AFFECT: only select users.

HOW TO WORK AROUND THIS:  actually, after it crashes, if you just start up recoveryBox your addiction was actually selected and you can continue on.

WHEN WILL IT BE FIXED:  We are in the middle of scrambling to fix it ASAP!!!  Literally hoping to submit to Apple in the next few days!  We just need to test it out a bit more.

If you need help, please email us at

We are truly sorry about this!!

~ the developers at recoveryBox

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Preparing For Change and the Mistakes We Make

The Parallels of Recovery and New Features 

As we are working on the new features of recoveryBox (features that our users have asked us to implement that would aid in their recovery), it's interesting to note that as a team we have come up with observations that you might find interesting and how it parallels recovery.

In fact, these are lessons that really apply to just about anything!

  • If it's something that I am asking for - perhaps others can benefit from it as well.  I think that's actually the point of support groups too -- if I'm going through it, then perhaps others have my same experiences and perhaps I can gain from their journey.
  • It takes courage! Not everyone thinks about asking for features..rather many jump to criticism. But what I tell anyone who writes to me...this app is truly the first of it's kind and it's based on the input from many different counselors and behavior modification systems. And so, there is a chance that what you need might not be a part of them app, or perhaps it's there but you just don't know how to use it. So sending an email is a great way to ask for help. And like the road to recovery, instead of getting down on how the system doesn't always work, ask for help!  There are so many willing to help you out.
  • We all make mistakes!!  Currently I am working on fixing bugs that either I have found in recoveryBox or that have been brought to my attention. Being the person that I am, I hate to make mistakes..not because of pride but rather because I'm afraid to let others down.  And during my own journey I have learned that I am NOT perfect, I have to give myself room to be human and make mistakes. Where we grow as a person, is when we learn from our mistakes.
  • Preparation is KEY! As part of a new recoveryBox version, I am mapping out app the places that I have to make changes. This one feature specifically, while a seemingly small request really touches on the heart of the app and therefore we need to make a lot of changes. In doing so, we have to look at our existing code, plan for the changes we need to make and then test test test!  We want to be prepared so that when we make a change we can support it well.  In recovery, we must prepare for the changes we need to make. Trying to give up drinking while running with the same crowd won't do it. Trying to give up viewing pornography while not making plans to protect your eyes is foolish. If we want to be successful, we must step back, analyze the situation and then make plans.
  • We don't always get what we want! Making changes to recoveryBox based on user requests is exciting because it means there is a huge opportunity to help others. But, there are times when my team has to make difficult decisions such as "How many people have requested this feature?", "How much time will this take to develop?", "Is this truly the best direction for recoveryBox?", "What other demands do I see coming down the road from Apple that I need to implement in order to keep recoveryBox in the store?", "When/if is the right time to try and create the same app in android land?" These really are difficult decisions to make and unfortunately since my team is REALLY small, we can't always satisfy every request.  And in recovery, we don't always get what we want either. Not every relationship is going to be reconciled because of past baggage.  But what we need to remember is - "DID I TRY MY BEST?" and if the answer is yes - then we must learn to accept and move on.
If you haven't already tried recoveryBox, perhaps it's a tool that can get you going in the right direction toward your sobriety. And hopefully the new version will be in the Apple store within a few weeks more!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How does recoveryBox help me break my addiction?

Wondering what recoveryBox is and if it can help you? Well, do you have an addiction, habit, hurt or hang-up that you want to break? If so, then recoveryBox is your toolbox for the iPhone (or iPad).

Designed for accountability, recoveryBox is an iPhone app toolset that facilitates tracking of daily life activities by easily breaking them down into your "lights". Breaking habits requires knowing why we do what we do, when do we do it and coming up with goals to break unhealthy behaviors. recoveryBox has the tools needed to help with addiction recovery.

recoveryBox is designed to work with any addiction: drugs, gambling, pornography, alcohol or customize your own specific to your needs!!

Use as much or as little of recoveryBox as you need. Visiting the How To Use Page will tell you more about the app but let's break it down.

1. Entering your daily lights (which are your daily routine activities). As you progress in recovery, you will see the number of green lights (healthy activities) increase as the number of yellow lights (warning light activities) and red lights (acting out) decrease.  

The idea is to focus on changing your habits but by being accountable (see step 3).

2. Track your triggers. Know what sets you off so that you can try and avoid. Customize your triggers.

3. Be accountable to either a sponsor or accountability partner. This is a simple step of sending a text or email to your sponsor directly from recoveryBox. Included in the accountability communication will be totals of your lights as well as reasons for yellow and red light activities. You can customize this too.  Being accountable is how the conversation gets started about what's really happening in your recovery.

4. Earn badges for your accomplishments! This is huge! Everyone needs affirmation when heading in the right track. Let recoveryBox help you by showing you progress and milestones not only for time being sober but for activities that are part of a healthy recovery.

5. Enter treatment goals. These goals can be developed by you, with a counselor, as part of a group or with your accountability partner or sponsor. And if desired, treatment goals can be linked to either a traditional 12 step program or Celebrate Recovery steps.

6. If you attend a traditional 12 step program or Celebrate recovery program, use recoveryBox to track which step you are in, journal while in that step as well as well as create goals. You can even switch back and forth between the wording for each step.

7. Sobriety Anniversary Date tracking is crucial to our recovery journey. See how long you have maintained your sobriety as well as set goals for a new sobriety date. recoveryBox will adjust your anniversary date if red lights are entered. Customize the sobriety date screen by adding a motivating picture of those you love.

There are lots of other tools that are part of recoveryBox: 
  • search daily lights with any customizable dates to find patterns,
  • pray the serenity prayer, 
  • access daily devotionals, 
  • motivators that can be customized to remind you to enter your daily lights as well as text/email your accountability partner/sponsor, 
  • customize the daily communication piece, 
  • customize how daily lights are entered, 
  • post badges as well as anniversary dates to Facebook or Twitter, 
  • find recoveryBox resources, 
  • communicate with recoveryBox staff right from the app regarding bugs or requesting new features,
  • share recoveryBox with friends directly from the app,
  • rate recoveryBox from the app so that others find hope in their recovery
Good luck!

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Release:: Customize your own Triggers!

You asked and we listened. In the latest release of recoveryBox is the ability to fully customize your triggers. Your triggers will float to the top of the list for faster daily entry. 

All custom triggers will appear in all email/text accountability communications  sent to your sponsor.

Be accountable! Be supported!

Download the recoveryBox Addiction Recovery Sobriety app! Be successful and break the addiction!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Customizing your Lights (both the Yellow and the Red's)

Want to customize your lights for your addiction? 

Create the perfect set of Yellow Warning Lights to indicate that you are heading down a path that might lead to destructive behaviors. 

Red Lights can be customizes to any type of behaviors that are considered addictions or bad habits

By tracking these personal behaviors with an accountability partner or sponsor, you can figure out "why you are doing what you are doing" and create a plan to stop these behaviors. 

Accountability really works!

Customize your addiction in the Settings section of recoveryBox.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

recoveryBox Uses the Celebrate Recovery Steps or a Traditional 12 Steps - you decide!

Many of us need to utilize structured programs in order to maintain our sobriety. Following a traditional 12 Step program or a Celebrate Recovery program is a great way to do that.  Regardless of which you decide is right for you, it is possible to track your progress in recoveryBox.  You can add goals for each step and journal each step  as well.  Some of us choose to make it very personal and write out our thoughts while others prefer to think about it but not write it down.  Please write to us if you have any questions about how to use this part of the recoveryBox app or if you have suggestions.  We are always here to help!

To access these tools, Click More Tools -> 12 Step Program

Don't have recoveryBox yet, Get it today at the app store.
Download recoveryBox, Addiction Recovery App - Your Complete Sobriety Toolbox

Friday, January 3, 2014

What addictions are supported in recoveryBox the iPhone app?

Want to know what addictions are part of recoveryBox the iPhone app?  here goes...
List of Addictions currently supported in recoveryBox:

~ Adrenaline-Producing Activities
~ Alcohol
~ Anger
~ Being Right
~ Caffeine
~ Cocaine
~ CoDependency
~ Collecting "stuff"
~ Cumpulsive Behavior
~ Drug Abuse
~ Eating Disorder
~ Emotional Addiction
~ Escapism/Amusement
~ Exercise
~ Fantasizing
~ Gambling
~ Getting One's Own Way
~ Heroin
~ Hoarding
~ Idolization
~ Isolation
~ Laziness
~ Lust
~ Marijuana
~ Media (TV, Internet, etc)
~ Methadone
~ Opiates
~ OverWorking
~ People Pleasing
~ Perfectionism
~ Pornography
~ Prescription Drugs
~ Risky Behaviors
~ Sadism
~ Self Injurous
~ Self-Judgement
~ Sex Addiction
~ Shopping
~ Smoking
~ Sniffing
~ Social Media
~ Steroids
~ Substance Abuse
~ Theft
~ Tobacco
~ Travel
~ Trivia
~ Vandalism
~ Vicodin (pain killers)
~ Video Games
~ Voyeurism

YES!  You can even choose more than one from the list for concurrent addictions.

QUESTION: why do some of the Addictions have related addictions?  Well, we thought it best to make the "red" lights specific to the addiction.  For example, you may select just pornography from the list or you may combine it with voyeurism if those combined paint a better picture of what your addiction looks like.

Regardless of which addiction you select, the recoveryBox works the same for all of's built around accountability and replacing those bad habits with new ones (as well as understanding the when/why of what you do!)

UPDATE::::::and now you can create your own custom addiction too!